Let’s Help a Young Heart that Still Beats

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Xavier rocks the Jungle Gym Jam tie-dye in physical therapy at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A family I know through a friend has had to spend way too much time in the hospital over the past five years. My friend “Mousey,” a super talented sound engineer at Just Jake’s music club in my hometown of Montclair, has been regularly posting updates from her friends the Ross family. Their son Xavier is Holly’s age, and the updates have been everything from heartbreaking to heart warming. Heart is the key word. Xavier was born with a congenital heart defect that has required repeated surgeries since he was a newborn.

At several steps along his journey, his heart has faltered, bringing him way closer to the line between life and death than any of us, especially parents of young children, would ever want to think about. I felt that lump in my throat reading about how Jackie was saying goodbye to her little boy and then the elated relief shared by Jackie, Nate and Xavier’s little sister Elliott about his miraculous comebacks.

I can only imagine the costs this family is facing from hospital bills to childcare help to lost work time. And there’s no end to it in sight.

So, when you download my album Lollipop Motel for $9.95, I’ll donate half the proceeds right to Xavier’s family. This campaign will run through June 30.

Will you help today? You’ll be rewarded with 40 minutes of beachy, fun rock-n-roll for your family to enjoy together.


My goal is to to raise $500 for Xavier by June 30 by selling 100 downloads. As of this writing, I’ve sold 9 to this point, for $35 in donations to Xavier’s family.

Thank you for joining me in this effort to help a very deserving family. I hope you love the tunes as well! Please comment below if you have the album.

Musically yours,

Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam


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