Early Education and Technology: Top Apps to Help Teach Your Child

by Cassie Phillips, guest contributor

A child uses an educational app on a tablet while his mom talks on the phone.Early education has always been a vital part of the growing up process. While in the past, teaching young children was solely the responsibility of schools and daycare facilities; the advent of technology has meant that parents can be more a part of the action than ever before.

However now, this is not refined to only singing along with their favorite nursery rhymes and flicking through picture books. The wide range of interactive applications available for your mobile phone and tablet has revolutionized the way young children learn. These are just five of the best apps for the children of music lovers, to help them get an all-round early education.

  1. A Parcel Of Courage

 This interactive picture book is an essential addition to any little one’s learning. Through a heartwarming and relatable story, children can improve their spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, listening and sequencing, working memory and problem-solving skills. In addition to this, it covers numbers up to 10 and helps improve recognition of 25 colors.

The story itself is based on real events when three brothers helped their grandma overcome her fear of flying. Not only does this give the lessons on offer real-world application, but it also teaches the importance of family values and kindness from an early age. Overall, this app is a true educational epic and a fantastic resource.

  1. MathRockx

It’s no secret that many kids fail to get excited by math lessons. However, when some of their favorite songs are added into the mix, then it’s easy for them to pick up the relevant facts. MathRockx works on the basis that children learn best through rhythm, beat, melody and sound.

It specifically addresses times tables, and by pacing them to the beat widely known songs, it makes it easier than ever to remember these seemingly complex equations. With some fantastic reviews, including one mom who’s now-17-year-old still sings her timetables whenever asked to recite them, it’s definitely a worthwhile resource!

  1. Baby’s Musical Hands

 It’s no secret that music can massively aid a child’s development from a very early age, so this app is a brilliant starting point in your kid’s musical education. With an incredibly simple user interface and full multi-touch support, it’s an incredible way to increase hand-eye coordination, association skills and, of course, musicality.

The app works by providing a number of colorful shapes, each one assigned to a different instrument. Your little one then has complete freedom to touch the different shapes and create their own melody! It’s a great way to introduce them to the world of sounds, and before long, you might even find you have a little musician on your hands.

Once they’ve grown out of this app, check out this brilliant collection of rock songs, specifically designed for young children, as a great progression from this initial musical introduction!

  1. Juno’s Musical ABC’s

 It’s not just math that can be made easier by music; it’s also a fantastic catalyst to help your little ones get to grips with the alphabet. Juno’s Musical ABC’s is perhaps the greatest example of an app that can help with this!

As another interactive storybook, it follows Juno on her adventure through the alphabet. Each page is assigned a particular letter and uses musical mnemonics (A for Applause, B for Bassoon, etc.) to help them become familiar with the sounds. By touching the screen, they can hear the instrument, words, letter sounds and watch short animations depending on where they press.

  1. Morton Subotnick’s Pitch Painter

 These apps aren’t just for academic learning; they’re also able to nurture the creative talents in your little ones. Morton Subotnick’s Pitch Painter is the perfect tool for all young budding artists. It gives children a blank canvas to create whatever they like while accompanying every brush stroke with an array of exciting and stimulating sounds.

With instruments from all over the world, it’s another great way to begin your child’s musical education, and the creativity it inspires is unquestionably beneficial for nurturing imagination. There are a variety of settings on offer, but a detailed instruction manual is provided for parents, so it’s easy to set up.

The benefits of mobile apps such as these are uncountable, but there is a word of warning to go alongside. Especially when on-the-go, allowing your children to be connected to the internet unsupervised is a risky business, as many malicious hackers prey on public networks. Because of this, it’s wise to use a Virtual Private Network, such as BufferedVPN, which will encrypt your data and allow your child to play securely. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to check-in constantly to make sure no problems have arisen.

Do you know of any other great educational apps for kids? Be sure to leave a comment below, share your ideas and make parenting life a little be easier for everyone involved!

About the Author: Cassie is a freelance writer and blogger who is proud to combine her two greatest loves: entertainment and technology. She is also interested in using new technologies to make the world of entertainment that much more useful to parents and children.